Say It With Cookies!

Classic Cookie Stamps that send a message

With our newest series of Classic Cookie Stamps, you can easily press out generous 3” cookies that get your message across. At Christmas time, you can send Joy, Peace and Laughter; how about Joy and Love for anniversaries and weddings? Or Joy! for the birth of a baby? Or Love for Valentine’s Day?

Once you start thinking about it, there are all kinds of occasions that could use a little sweet talk. The cookies are as lovely as they are delicious.

The handles of this series are glazed deep blue, and each stamp comes with an instruction and recipe booklet graced with an original watercolor proclaiming Joy!

All Classic Cookie Stamps are made in America from high-fired stoneware. They are 100% lead free, and are oven, microwave and dishwasher safe.


2 thoughts on “Say It With Cookies!”

  1. We had a store in the 80’s an d 90’s, sold tons of your molds, had the display cookies in the big glass jar, and paper bags, etc. It was a fun line. So glad you are still at it, I am going to try the stamps. Quality product, you should be proud!

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