New for 2012 – Heart Cookie Stamp Series

Heart Cookie Stamp Series

Make cookies that come from the heart for Valentine’s Day, Weddings, Mother’s Day, any time you want to let someone know that they are dear. These Classic Heart Cookie Stamps make it easy to press remarkable cookies that are more than just a tasty treat.

Choose from four designs; a romantic Ruffled Heart, a Tulip Heart inspired by Pennsylvania Dutch decorations, a Celtic Knotted Heart, and a Heart Basket, taken from a quilt I made years ago.

Each comes with an instruction and recipe booklet tied to the fluted handle with a real satin ribbon.

Celtic Knot Heart

Celtic Knot HeartThis classic knotwork heart was inspired by all of the beautiful Celtic designs I have seen in the borders of manuscripts. Being Scotch-Irish, I simply had to include this design in the mix.

Scalloped Heart

Scalloped HeartThe simplicity of the central heart is set off by ruffles and scallops to create a very sweet, very romantic cookie.

Tulip Heart

Tulip HeartInspired by designs painted on barns by the Pennsylvania Dutch, this heart has a clean simplicity that I love. The cookies are sweet and very dramatic.

Quilted Basket Heart

Quilted Heart BasketYears ago, I made a quilt for a dear friend with this design. For me, this is a “Friendship Heart”. Bake some cookies for friends of yours.

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