New for 2012 – British Isles Cookie Stamp Series

British Isles Cookie Stamp Series

Scotch-Irish by heritage, I have always been drawn to the imagery of the British Isles.

This series of Classic Cookie Stamps celebrates that heritage, and the immigrants who came to this country and made it home.


ThistleThe Thistle is a rugged plant that has adapted to harsh conditions and still graces the world with delicate lavender blooms. How perfect for it to be the Scottish national flower.


ShamrockA touch of Ireland, for St. Patrick’s Day and all the year.

Celtic Cross

Celtic CrossThis Cookie Stamp design was adapted from an ancient design found in Ireland.


CladdaghThe symbolic Claddagh emblem includes a heart for love, a crown for loyalty and hands for friendship. Lovely in a ring, delightful for a cookie to be shared with those you hold dear.

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