New – Celtic Triskele Shortbread Pan

The Triskele is a well known Celtic symbol formed of a triple spiral. It is found in many cultures’ art – Carved in stone, hammered in gold, and painted on pottery. Newgrange Ireland has stone Triskele cavings dating to 3200 BC.

2 thoughts on “New – Celtic Triskele Shortbread Pan”

  1. Do you have any dealers in the London Ontario area? We have had one of your shortbread pans for a long time… we would love to have another!


    1. Hi Melanie,

      We currently do not have any small dealers in the London, Ontario area. We do ship large quantities of our Shortbread Pans to Lee Valley Tools which are located in Canada. You can place an order for our Shortbread Pan on our site at

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